Know your instructor


When I was 18 all I wanted was to become a Architect but it seams I did not want it enough for my grades to be as high as they needed to be to be so I ended up in enrolling for a Materials Engineer course.

As I graduated I was fortunate to join a multinational company on their green field plant in Portugal and while the facility was being built i got to travel to US to lean about Delphi Company, its background as a former GM Parts and its ambitions for growing abroad and beating that increasing competition.

At those days Toyota was taking over the automotive industry, and Lean became a subject matter for scholarships and consultants and became also the transformation program Delphi, among most automotive industry was trying to copy.

As I became allergic to some chemicals, I made my first career move and became the Industrial Engineering lead, and more importantly the coordinator for the Lean program at our plant and I became fascinated by it.

All about it resonated with me: the intellectual challenge and the physical demand of change; the complexity of small, easy tools brought together in a system; the engagement of the teams and the welcoming of individuals...

That changed me for good, and as I developed and moved on my career, I became obsessed in what makes some of this programs successes, and what does not. Independently of what organizations can make of it, what became obvious is the imprint that leaves on so many individuals.

So that's it, that is my purpose: to bring this way of thinking and embracing improvement to as many people as possible. I know it will enrich them and feeds my believe that with each one of us, Continuous Improvement fanatics, the world will be a bit better, every day...

I hope you will join me on this purpose.